Test Your Repeatability

Why do we test repeatability?

Testing repeatability is particularly important for formal assessments. For example, if an auditor came to your farm, it would be good to know that they would score in the same way each time and that their scoring was fair. For professional auditors, knowing their repeatability is key to a trustworthy process. For producers, knowing how repeatable you are could be useful to test your level of knowledge about each measure.

We determine how well each person's evaluation agrees with one generally accepted by experienced assessors (i.e. a 'gold standard'). High agreement allows us to confidently compare results from different assessors and from the same assessor over time.

To measure agreement between assessors, we calculate a kappa statistic. This calculation is a common way to measure repeatability. Each test is about 30 questions and takes approximately 5 - 8 minutes to complete.

You will need to use Chrome as your browser and have high speed internet for the tests to work. ​This portion of the website is not intended for use on a small-screen device.

How to interpret your score:
Score Repeatability
0.80 - 1.00 Very good
0.60 - 0.80 Good
0.40 - 0.60 Moderate
0.20 - 0.40 Fair
Less than 0.20 Poor

Common Swine Industry Audit (CSIA)

Click on the links below to test your repeatability for the Common Swine Industry Audit.