Welcome to the New PAACO Website

PAACO has officially released our new website.  As we mentioned in our newsletter you will not be seeing a whole lot of changes to the overall look of the website.  You will see a change in imagery and menu selection, and in the My Account pages, allowing for more online integration with registration, payment options, and account management.  However, most of our changes have occurred behind the scenes at an administration capacity to help us serve you better and help manage your account information more efficiently.
We appreciate your patience with this transition and look forward to serving you better with our new tools and services.



PAACO Background


The mission of the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization is to promote animal welfare through auditor training and audit certification.

PAACO’s Vision is to be the authority on animal welfare auditing by providing high quality training and certification credential for auditors and audits.

Animal welfare issues affect multiple segments of our animal and food industry, and they all must support the comprehensive animal care areas we serve.

Animal care is widely recognized to have an impact on the following areas:

  • Farms Meat and Poultry Manufacturers and Processors
  • Retail and Grocers
  • Food Service and Restaurants
  • Government Food Purchases
  • Government and Regulations
  • Sustainability and Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Other Animal Interests
  • Animal Laboratories

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