Annual recertification is required to maintain certification. Recertification is achieved by completing 12 hours of approved Continuing Education and $150 recertification fee. Recertification starts once you are a Certified PAACO Auditor.

  • First year after training while completing shadow audits, there are no Continuing Education requirements.
  • One year from the date you are certified, you must apply for recertification (you will receive an email reminder ~45 days prior.
  • Recertification will be approved, if you have completed the Continuing Education requirements:
    • 12 hours of contact time of relevant classes, seminars, or meetings
    • Courses or training approved by PAACO (on line &/or in person)
    • Can include up to four (4) hours with a Certified PAACO Auditor or by performing a shadow audit with a trainee
  • All CE events must be approved by PAACO. A list of approved, but not all inclusive, CE events are listed on the website.

Click here to recertify.