CE Opportunities

Date Species Details
1556686800May 2019
International Course on Poultry Production
North Carolina
Web link: https://poultry.ces.ncsu.edu/international-course-on-poultry-production/
1556686800May 2019Poultry
International Avian Respiratory Disease Conference
Species: Poultry
Topic: Health
Web link: http://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/confreg/?confid=922
1556686800May 2019Poultry, Large animal
Purdue Center for Animal Welfare Science
W. Lafayette, Indiana
Species: Poultry, Large animal
Topic: Welfare
Web link: https://vet.purdue.edu/CAWS/news-events.php
1559019600May 28-31, 2019Dairy
ADSA Discovery Conference
Itasca, Illinois
Species: Dairy
Topic: Nutrition, Health, Welfare
Web link: https://www.adsa.org/Meetings/36th-Discover-Conference
1559106000May 29-30, 2019Dairy
Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium
Orlando, Florida
Species: Dairy
Topic: Welfare
Web link: https://www.dcwcouncil.org/symposium
1559106000May 29 - Jun 7, 2019Beef
NCBA Young Cattlemen's
Species: Beef
Topic: Production, Legislative
Web link: http://www.beefusa.org/stateaffiliates.aspx
1559451600Jun 2-4, 2019Food
International Dairy Deli Bakery Association
Orlando, Florida
Species: Food
Topic: Further processing
Web link: https://www.iddba.org
1559365200Jun 2019Beef
Beef Improvement Federation
Species: Beef
Topic: Health, Production
Web link: https://beefimprovement.org/
1559365200Jun 2019Poultry
Iowa Turkey Federation
Species: Poultry
Web link: https://iowaturkey.org/new-events/
1559710800Jun 5-7, 2019Pork
World Pork Expo
Des Moines, Iowa
Species: Pork
Topic: Production, Health, Welfare, Processing
Web link: https://www.worldpork.org/
1561266000Jun 23-26, 2019Dairy
American Dairy Science Association
Cincinatti, Ohio
Species: Dairy
Topic: Production, Health, Welfare, Processing
Web link: https://www.adsa.org/Meetings/2019-Annual-Meeting
1562562000Jul 8-11, 2019
American Society of Animal Science
Austin, Texas
Topic: Production, Health, Welfare, Processing
Web link: https://www.asas.org/meetings/annual-2019
1563166800Jul 15-18, 2019
Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting
Web link: https://www.adsa.org/Meetings/2019-Annual-Meeting
1561957200Jul 2019Poultry
National Turkey Federation Leadhership Meeting
Washington, Washington DC
Species: Poultry
Topic: Legislative, Leadership
Web link: http://www.eatturkey.com/meetings
1563598800Jul 20-23, 2019Poultry
Poultry Science Association
Louisville, Kentucky
Species: Poultry
Topic: Production, Health, Welfare, Processing
Web link: https://www.adsa.org/Meetings/2019-Annual-Meeting
1563685200Jul 21-23, 2019Poultry
Chicken Marketing Summit
Charleston, South Carolina
Species: Poultry
Topic: Marketing, Communications
Web link: https://www.wattglobalmedia.com/chickenmarketingsummit/
1561957200Jul 2019Poultry
Alabama Poultry & Egg Association Annual Meeting
Species: Poultry
Web link: http://www.alabamapoultry.org/annual-events
1561957200Jul 2019Pork
Missouri Swine Health Symposium
Species: Pork
Web link: http://www.mopork.com/education/missouri-swine-health-symposium/
1561957200Jul 2019All
Sioux Nation Summit
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Species: All
Web link: http://siouxnationsummit.com/
1561957200Jul 2019Dairy
Virginia Area Dairy Conference
Species: Dairy
Topic: Health, Production
Web link: https://ext.vt.edu/agriculture/dairy-cattle.html
1564722000Aug 2-6, 2019All
American Association of Avian Pathologists
Washington, Washington DC
Species: All
Topic: Health, Welfare, Production, Nutrition
Web link: https://www.aaap.info/future-annual-meetings
1564722000Aug 2-6, 2019All
American Veterinary Medical Association
Washington, Washington DC
Species: All
Topic: Health, Welfare, Production, Nutrition
Web link: https://www.avma.org/events/convention/pages/default.aspx
1566795600Aug 26-27, 2019Auditing
Lead Auditor Training (ISO 9001:2015)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Species: Auditing
Topic: Auditing, Standards
Web link: https://asq.org/training/16-hour-iso-90012015-lead-auditor-training-exemplar-global-certified-la162015
NCBA Stockmanship and Stewardship
Species: Beef
Topic: Stockmanship, Environment
Web link: https://www.stockmanshipandstewardship.org/events
1568264400Sep 12-14, 2019Cattle
American Association of Bovine Practitioners
St. Louis, Missouri
Species: Cattle
Topic: Health, Welfare, Production, Nutrition, Technology
Web link: http://www.aabp.org/meeting/future.asp
1568437200Sep 14-17, 2019Pork
Allen D. Lehman Swine Conference
St. Paul, Minnesota
Species: Pork
Topic: Health, Nutrition, Production, Biosecurity
Web link: https://ccaps.umn.edu/allen-d-leman-swine-conference
1567314000Sep 2019Food production
Global Food Forum, Wall Street Journal
NY, New York
Species: Food production
Topic: Consumerism
Web link: https://globalfood.wsj.com/speakers/
1569733200Sep 29 - Oct 3, 2019Aqua
American FIsheries Society (with Wildlife Society)
Reno, Nevada
Species: Aqua
Topic: Health, Conservation
Web link: http://afstws2019.org
1569992400Oct 2-3, 2019All
Animal Welfare Information Center workshop (USDA)
Beltsville, Maryland
Species: All
Topic: Welfare
Web link: https://www.nal.usda.gov/awic/awic-workshop
1570424400Oct 7-9, 2019Poultry
National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing, and Live Production
Ocean City, Maryland
Species: Poultry
Topic: Welfare, Production, Processing, Health, Environment
Web link: http://www.dpichicken.org/events/
1572847200Nov 4-6, 2019Dairy
NMPF/NDC/UDIA Joint Annual Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana
Species: Dairy
Topic: Health, Production, Welfare
Web link: http://www.nmpf.org/important-dates
1572933600Nov 5-6, 2019Dairy
Penn State Dairy Nutrition Concerence
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Species: Dairy
Topic: Nutrition, Health, Production, Technology
Web link: https://extension.psu.edu/penn-state-dairy-cattle-nutrition-workshop
1573624800Nov 13-15, 2019Pork
Pig Welfare Symposium
Species: Pork
Topic: Welfare, Health
Web link: https://www.pork.org/events/pig-welfare-symposium/
1560834000Jun 18-20, 2019Dairy
International Precision Dairy Farming Conference
Rochester, Minnesota - Mayo Civic Center
Species: Dairy
Topic: Dairy
Web link: https://www.precisiondairyfarming.com/2019/
1563166800Jul 15-18, 2019Poultry
Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth

Currently there are many emerging issues in welfare. Although these issues may appear to be disjointed, the academic community and the industries must be aware of all these issues and information is needed before significant changes are made to the food supply chain. Rather than look to a single issue, this symposium will look at many of the emerging issues that the industry is faced with.  

Species: Poultry
Topic: Poultry welfare
Web link: https://www.poultryscience.org/psa19/reg.aspx