Registration Instructions

PAACO’s registration and payment system requires the creation of an individual account. This account is used to track your trainings, certifications and recertifications, as well as contact information.

Please follow the steps listed to create a login and register for training.

  1. LOGIN or CREATE a LOGIN individually
    1. When logging in or creating an account, always use the person’s information who will be attending the training.
    2. Create a Login:  This path will be used if the perspective attendee does not have a login.  If you are certified in another area, you have a login and we will supply you the default password.
    3. Please follow the prompts to create a login and password.  Note the password and username for each person, as this is needed for them to login in the future.
      1. When a login is created, the email address will need to be validated.  This validation will come as an email (to the address used at login).  Please check the junk file if it does not show up in the inbox.  If the validation email does not come through to either inbox or junk mail, contact PAACO and we will validate it for you.
    4. Login:  This path should be used if the perspective attendee already created a login.  When logging in, use the username (email address) and password that was previously created.

    If you are registering more than one person, you must create an account for each individual.  The validation email will need to be validated using each person’s email

    1. Login in using the trainee’s information.
    2. Once logged in, and on the Training Tab of the website, the trainee’s resume will need to be uploaded where it states on the top of the page.
    3. Then click the red “Register for PAACO Training” button
    4. This will take you to another page where the training sessions are listed.  You will select the training you want to be registered for (PAACO Poultry Welfare Auditor Training)by clicking the black, bold lettering that states “(CLICK HERE) to submit your name.
    5. You will upload a resume or description of your experience and education so that PAACO can confirm you meet the certification requirements.
    6. PAACO will receive notification of that registration and will review the information prior to approval for the course 
    1. Once PAACO has approved the prospective trainee, the trainee will receive a notification by email to proceed with payment for the training.
    2. Trainings can be paid online by credit card or you may request to pay by check or be invoiced. 

If you have any questions regarding logging in, registering for a training or paying, please call 833-839-1823 or email us.