PAACO's COVID-19 Auditor Recommendations

As we navigate the unknowns over the next couple of months, PAACO would like to remind auditors of a couple of things. 
If you are conducting audits, it is extremely crucial that auditors are diplomatic and respectful. There are many challenges facing everyone in the industry. With packing plants closed or closing, there is additional pressure on livestock producers and farms; please be mindful of these stressors and how they might be impacting some logistics on the farms.
The need for mass euthanasia is a very real possibility under discussion.  Many of our member organizations are working on messaging and recommendations for mass euthanasia. Should the need arise to conduct such, auditors should not conduct audits on locations that are in the process of an emergency mass euthanasia protocol. 
Personal safety is important. Please respect other’s requests and follow guidelines and precautions. Remember to be conscious of your personal health; if you don’t feel safe or are sick, convey your concerns. We must all work together to stay safe.
Prior to scheduling or conducting an audit, please make sure these circumstances have been addressed and be understanding of the current events that are occurring. Multiple check-ins prior to an audit may be needed, as situations are changing rapidly. Remember to be adaptable as schedules and visits may need to be revised. Communication between auditors and site personnel is vital to the success and safety of everyone involved.