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PAACO Meat Plant Welfare Auditor Hybird Training - May 2024

PAACO's spring Meat Plant Training will be held May 13-15, 2024 in NW Iowa. This will be PAACO's only Meat Plant training hosted in the US in 2024 (fall will be in Canada).

This training will be conducted in a hybrid format, meaning there is an option to join us in-person or virtually. All registered attendees will be expected to join us in-person unless approved by PAACO. In order to attend virtually, you will need to request that prior to registering by emailing Dakota International attendees and those with specific circumstances will be given priority to the virtual seats.

The course will be a combination of classroom curriculum and "hands-on" learning through site visits. In-person attendees will visit both a pork plant a nd beef plant to gain hands-on experience while instructors are present. Virtual attendees will be shown video footage while instructors dicuss various points. The course uses the NAMI Animal Handling Guidelines. Material and instruction will be presented in English.

Travel and hotel information will be available soon. Training will wrap up in time for attendees to get on the road and travel to Meat Institute's conference in Kansas City.

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