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Certified Auditors

How To Become PAACO Certified

To become a PAACO Certified Auditor, a minimum education level with combined relevant experience is required. Once credentials are approved by the PAACO staff, auditors will attend onsite training. Training is taught by industry professionals who are experts within their fields and is a combination of onsite and hands-on learning. At the completion of training, attendees will take a comprehensive exam. The exam must be passed, with a minimum score set by the PAACO Board of Directors. After attaining a passing exam score, trainees will need to perform a set number of shadow audits, depending on their species. Shadow audits are a review of auditor performance and must be performed with a PAACO Certified Auditor of the same species. Shadow audits are then sent to PAACO where they are reviewed by staff. Shadow audits must be completed within one year of training date. Once all required shadow audits are performed and accepted, the trainee becomes a PAACO Certified Auditor in that specific species and is listed on the website as such. Auditor certification is valid for one year from the certification date. Annual recertification is needed to remain a PAACO Certified Auditor and to be listed on the website. Recertification is made up of a set number of Continuing Education hours that must be approved by PAACO staff. Recertification can be completed online through the auditor dashboard or by emailing in the recertification form.


Annual recertification is required to maintain certification. Recertification is achieved by completing 12 hours of approved Continuing Education and $150 recertification fee. Recertification starts once you are a Certified PAACO Auditor.

  • First year after training while completing shadow audits, there are no Continuing Education requirements.
  • One year from the date you are certified, you must apply for recertification (you will receive an email reminder ~45 days prior.
  • Recertification will be approved, if you have completed the Continuing Education requirements:
    • 12 hours of contact time of relevant classes, seminars, or meetings
    • Courses or training approved by PAACO (on line &/or in person)
    • Can include up to four (4) hours with a Certified PAACO Auditor or by performing a shadow audit with a trainee
  • All CE events must be approved by PAACO. A list of approved, but not all inclusive, CE events are listed on the website.

Find An Auditor

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