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Certified Auditors Directory

Name Company Phone# Email Type
Abdalla, Adil USDA/FSIS 972-859-9424 adil.abdalla@fsis.usda.gov Meat 
Aby, Amanda Golden State Foods 2567087924 aaby@goldenstatefoods.com Meat 
Acosta, Katherine JBS 402-594-3233 katherine.acosta@jbssa.com Meat 
Adams, Edith N. USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 209-623-8979 edith.adams@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Adams, Macy Smithfield 785-448-8328 madams2@smithfield.com Meat 
Adkins, Anne Christensen Farms 641-745-9300 aadkins@christensenfarms.com Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Aguirre Tinoco, Itzetl NSF de Mexico S de RL de CV 442 321 0343 iaguirretinoco@nsf.org Meat 
AINSWORTH, DOUGLAS Smithfield 7143085441 dainsworth@smithfield.com Meat 
Aker, Cathy 519-278-1175 cathy.aker@sympatico.ca Meat 
Aleman, Jorge Caviness Beef Packers 806-357-2462 jaleman@cavinessbeef.com Meat 
Alexander, Lacey Cargill 316-291-5543 lacey_alexander@cargill.com Meat 
Alexander, Paula Bates Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. 479-387-1962 paula.alexander@tyson.com Meat 
Algino, Ryan JBS 970-506-7502 ryan.algino@jbssa.com Meat 
Alkire, Matt Cargill Meat Solutions 559-268-5586 matthew_alkire@cargill.com Meat 
Allain, Ann 613-686-6156 ann.allain@gmail.com Meat 
Allen, Kymberly USDA 202-306-7082 kym.allen@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Andree, Joseph A. Hormel Foods 507-355-8199 jaandree@hormel.com Meat 
Anthenill, Lucy USDA FSIS 530-219-7125 lucy.anthenill@fsis.usda.gov Meat 
Aranzaso, Christine Olymel SEC/LP 403-343-8700 christine.aranzaso@olymel.com Meat 
Ariza, Wadie Agriculture Process Assurance Ltd 204-326-2999 wariza@shpswine.com Meat, Swine 
Arzola, Maria JBS 623-476-4000 maria.arzola@jbssa.com Meat 
Avari, Goshasp GA Food Safety Systems 647-212-5619 goshaspavari@gmail.com Meat 
Bahamon, Javier Alberta Pork 780-995-0858 javbaha@hotmail.com Meat 
Balutis, Andrea Cargill 403-652-4688 ext 375 andrea_balutis@cargill.com Meat 
Barth, Skylar Hormel Foods 507-440-8248 sibarth@hormel.com Meat 
Batista, Liliana WQS 55-14-3811-3003 liliana@wqs.com.br Meat 
Baysinger, Angela Merck Animal Health 402-353-4855 angela.baysinger@merck.com Meat, Swine 
Beaudoin, Stephane Gestbeau Inc. 819-469-2883 gestbeau@gmail.com Meat, Poultry 
Belcher, Theresa 7-Eleven, Inc. 7703553218 theresa.belcher@7-11.com Meat 
Benabid, El Oualid Olymel L.P. 514-858-9000, ext. 3 eloualidbenabid@olymel.com Meat, Poultry 
Betts, William Alberta Agriculture 780-644-3020 william.betts@gov.ab.ca Meat 
Bignold, Addison Cargill Meat Solutions 403-336-3745 addison_bignold@cargill.com Meat 
Bishop, Bonnie Ontario SPCA 613-936-0072 bbishop@ospca.on.ca Meat 
Bohaboj, Christopher Smithfield Foods 402-416-9888 cbohaboj@smithfield.com Meat 
Boleman, Shanna FSNS Certification & Audit 817-228-9795 shanna.boleman@fsns.com Meat 
Bolin, Robert American Beef Packers 909-247-9636 robertb@abpackers.net Meat 
Bourret, Jim Maple Leaf Pork 403-715-9498 jim.bourret@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Bouvier, Danielle OMAFRA 519-826-1025 danielle.bouvier@ontario.ca Meat 
Broto, Ana Paula WQS 5514-3811-3003 ana.broto@wqscert.com Meat 
Brueggeman, Wade Redwood Farms 712-362-2225 wbrueggeman@redwoodfarmsmp.com Meat 
Bruns, Aaron Cooper Farms, Inc. 419-852-5660 aaronb@cooperfarms.com Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Bubke, Kyle Smithfield 712-259-0401 kbubke@smithfield.com Meat 
Burbridge, Robyn Usda 970-234-9973 robyn.burbridge@bigiron.com Meat 
Burke, Larry Wendy’s 614-395-6689 larry.burke@wendys.com Meat, Poultry 
Burtnick, Jason Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 204-571-2561 jason.burtnick@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Buttrum, Kathy Maple Leaf Consumer Foods -Brandon 204 761 2445 kathy.buttrum@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Byrd, Richard Swaggerty Sausage Company 8659332625 rbyrd@swaggertys.com Meat 
Caceres, Miguel (Mike) USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 202-731-1908 miguel.caceres@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Cadena, Raquel WQS 5514-3811-3003 raquel@wqs.com.br Meat 
Carrillo, Jorge USDA QAD (559) 970-7226 jorge.carrillo@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Carrillo Andrade, Gerardo NSF Internacional 52-5547946356 carnimex@gmail.com Meat 
Chapman, Chris Maple Leaf Pork 403-317-2534 chris.chapman@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Chappell, Brad Agriculture Process Assurance Ltd 204-326-2999 bchappell@shpswine.com Meat 
Charmasson, Keith JBS 623-476-4150 keith.charmasson@jbssa.com Meat 
Chrapko, Aaron Government of Alberta 1-780-581-4244 aaron.chrapko@gov.ab.ca Meat 
Churchill, Brad Cargill, Inc. 316-291-8131 brad_churchill@cargill.com Meat 
Coble, Joel Tyson Fresh Meats 479-397-0080 joel.coble@tyson.com Meat 
Colglazier-Robinson, Marcianne Smithfield 402-826-8824 mcolglazier@smithfield.com Meat 
Collier, Chad Lone Star Beef Processors 325-895-0843 lsbchad@aol.com Meat 
Conrad, Samantha Tyson foods inc 605-235-2191 samantha.conrad@tyson.com Meat, Swine 
Cooper, Roger Caviness Beef 806-357-2462 rogercooper63@gmail.com Meat 
Cottee, Stephanie Cargill 519-823-7175 stephanie_cottee@cargill.com Meat, Poultry 
Coughlin, Elizabeth (Betsy) Cargill 763-516-4488 elizabeth_coughlin@cargill.com Meat 
Crawford, Sara National Pork Board 614-783-9800 scrawford@pork.org Meat 
Cress, Kristin Smithfield Foods 605-330-3299 kcress@smithfield.com Meat 
Croghan, Matt Cargill 412-266-6797 matthew_croghan@cargill.com Meat 
Cruz, Laura Superior Farms 209-259-7228 laura.cruz@superiorfarms.com Meat 
Cumming, Shelley A. Central Valley Meat Co., Inc. 559-281-1005 shelley@centralvalleymeat.com Meat 
Dahlman, Jeff Tyson 605-235-2246 jeff.dahlman@tyson.com Meat 
Davidson, Samuel Maple Leaf Foods, Inc. 905-285-6057 sam.davidson@mapleleaf.com Meat, Poultry 
Davis, Lauren Seaboard Triumph Foods 712-226-7869 lauren.davis@stfmail.com Meat 
Davis, S. Brooke (Rea) Lopez Foods, Inc. 405-612-3159 bdavis@lopezfoods.com Meat 
de Mello Macedo, Juliana +55 19 99698-0926 jujutati@hotmail.com Meat 
DePue, Molly Country View Family Farms 7409530928 smollydepue@outlook.com Meat, Swine 
Derington, Andrew (Justin) FSNS Certification & Audit 210-957-9913 justin.derington@fsns.com Meat, Poultry 
Deutsch, George SAI Global 416-617-7544 deutschg@rogers.com Meat, Poultry 
Dominguez, Jose Luis Cargill Meat Solutions 806-295-8366 joe_dominguez@cargill.com Meat 
Drew, Levi Cargill 970-867-1567 levi_drew@cargill.com Meat 
Dubé, Annie duBreton 418-863-6711 #216 adube@dubreton.com Meat 
Dunlavy, Allen DemKota Ranch Beef 605-377-4135 adunlavy@demkotaranchbeef.com Meat 
Eastwood, Lauren Clay National Pork Board 515-223-2753 ceastwood@pork.org Meat 
Edgell, Ashley Smithfield - Farmland North 434-906-0795 ashley.edgell@sf-fl.com Meat 
Edwards-Callaway, Lily Colorado State University 970-506-7502 lily.edwards-callaway@colostate.edu Meat 
Elder, Robert Seaboard Foods 9136768816 rob.elder@stfmail.com Meat 
Elson, Brittanie Fresh Mark Inc 3304305625 belson@freshmark.com Meat, Poultry 
Empting, Erika Smithfield Foods 757-608-8234 eempting@smithfield.com Meat, Swine 
Ercolano, Heather Cargill 7073378007 heather_ercolano@cargill.com Meat 
Ernst, Lori FSNS C&A 210-355-6937 lori.ernst@fsns.com Meat, Poultry, Dairy 
Escobar, Karolyna Maple Leaf Foods - Lethbridge Pork 403-317-2541 karolyna.escobar@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Farias Arroyo, Diana NSF de Mexico, S de R.L. de C.V. 52-442-242-2926 dfarias@nsf.org Meat, Poultry 
Fate, Sheena hedgessh@gmail.com Meat 
Feinberg, Bruce McDonald’s Corp. 630-623-4992 bruce.feinberg@us.mcd.com Meat, Poultry 
Ferguson, Briana FACTA LLC 501-519-2220 bferguson@factllc.com Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Ferguson, David Cargill Beef 970-867-1579 david_ferguson@cargill.com Meat 
Figueroa, Valentin JBS 402-594-3217 valentin.figueroa2@jbssa.com Meat 
Finck, Jessica (Igo) Merck Animal Health 806-773-7477 jessica.finck@merck.com Meat 
Foutch, Ashley Smithfield 402-826-8809 afoutch@smithfield.com Meat 
Fox, Jessica Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. 519-241-5590 jfox@maplelodgefarms.com Meat, Poultry 
Franks, Marcy Applegate 606-316-6116 marcy.franks@applegate.com Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Friesenhahn, Martin USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 972-765-0377 martin.friesenhahn@ams.usda.gov Meat, Poultry 
Gagne, Yves Merieux NutriSciences 581-307-4091 yves.gagne@mxns.com Meat 
Gale, Angelia USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 620-215-3486 angelia.gale@ams.usda.gov Meat 
galeno de souza oliveira, rachel 5545991511515 rachelgaleno@gmail.com Meat 
Garcia, Camillo R. JBS 269-204-3409 milo.garcia@jbssa.com Meat 
Garcia-Marquez, Arlene Validus 5065447793 arlene.garcia@ttu.edu Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Gardiner, Dana Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development 204-391-6616 dana.gardiner@gov.mb.ca Meat 
Gardner, Donald Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. 620-225-0541 donald_gardner@cargill.com Meat 
Gilbert, Corey Dee USDA/AMS/LPS/QAD 940-735-2178 corey.gilbert@ams.usda.gov Meat, Poultry 
Glosser, Clint JBS 641-455-4606 clint.glosser@jbssa.com Meat 
Goldberg, Tzvi Shaul Star-K Certification 646-319-9184 rabbitzvigoldberg@star-k.org Meat 
Gomez, Ernesto Maple Leaf Foods 204 571 2681 ernesto.gomez@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Goodner, Glee Validus 507.320.8142 goodnerg@validusservices.com Meat, Swine 
Grandin, Temple Grandin L/S Systems 970-229-0703 cheryl.miller@colostate.edu Meat, Poultry 
Graphensteen, Scott VPP Beef 608-823-7445 sdg_357@hotmail.com Meat 
Grass, Julie Hormel Foods Corp. 507-434-6858 jjgrass@hormel.com Meat 
Gray, Bridget Sask Pork 306-290-9125 betg127@gmail.com Meat 
Gregoire, Carole Olymel 1 (450) 230-0372 carolegregoire@olymel.com Meat 
Grimes, Haley American Humane 832-372-3199 haleyg@americanhumane.org Meat 
Groten, Brian Cargill Value Added Meats Food Svc. 780-887-0466 brian_groten@cargill.com Meat 
Guevara, Jesus Cargill 806-236-3208 jesus_guevara@cargill.com Meat 
Gutierrez, Tino Harris Ranch Beef Company 5598476381 tino.gutierrez@harrisranch.com Meat 
Gwartney, Micah Nolan Ryan Beef Company 936-755-4156 mgwartney@nolanryanbeef.com Meat 
Habibovic, Jane N. Sofina Foods Inc. 289-400-2006 jhabibovic@sofinafoods.com Meat 
Hagadorn, Jack Cargill Beef 570-746-3000, ext. 7 jack_hagadorn@cargill.com Meat 
Hannon, Sherry Feedlot Health Management Services 403-710-9594 sherryh@feedlothealth.com Meat, Feedlot 
Harpur, Jordan Organix Corp. (Les Viandes De La Petite-Nation) 514-282-1996 jordan.harpur@taoco.com Meat 
Harris, Amy Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. 316-291-2513 amy_harris@cargill.com Meat, Poultry 
Harvey, Craig Pine Ridge Farms 515-266-4100 charvey@pineridgefarmspork.com Meat 
Hay, Bryan Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 204-571-2583 bryan.hay@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Hayek, Brian FSNS Certification & Audit 210-268-8020 brian.hayek@fsns.com Meat, Poultry 
Heckart, Patricia USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 920-541-3287 patricia.heckart@ams.usda.gov Meat, Poultry 
Heddlesten, Lacey USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 620-717-3834 lacey.heddlesten@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Henry, Amy USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 507-822-4289 amy.henry@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Henry, Mindy Tyson Foods, INC (574) 398-8505 mindy.henry@tyson.com Meat 
Herzog Masis, Christine NSF Costa Rica SA 506-8811-7197 cherzogm@gmail.com Meat, Poultry 
Hester, Amy FPL Food, LLC 706-922-5508 amy.hester@fplfood.com Meat 
Hibtu, Dawit Cargill Meat Solutions 403-399-9727 dawit_hibtu@cargill.com Meat 
Hines, Andrea FSNS 4707557260 andrea.hines@fsns.com Meat 
Hinrichs, Justin Nebraska Beef 402-733-1711 edazzo@nbeef.com Meat 
Hoagland, Dale Cargill Meat Solutions 970-370-1611 dale_hoagland@cargill.com Meat 
Hoe, Reno Feedlot Health Management Services 403-938-5151 renoh@feedlothealth.com Meat, Feedlot 
Hogle, Eric Prestage Foods 515-851-0921 ehogle@prestagefoods.com Meat 
Holland, Ben Cactus Feeders ben.holland@cactusfeeders.com Meat 
Holland, Judah Zvi Star-K Certification 410-999-3660 rabbiholland@star-k.org Meat 
Howe, Brian Cargill 403-652-4688, ext. 3 brian_howe@cargill.com Meat 
Huertas, Stella University of Republic 598- 9969-9905 stellamaris32@gmail.com Meat 
Huffman, Todd Brown Packing Co. 910-237-3530 thuffman@bropac.com Meat 
Ion, Sheila JBS 217-323-6200, ext. 6 sheila.tuftee@jbssa.com Meat 
Isenberg, Jon National Beef LLC 620-482-2270 jonathan.isenberg@nationalbeef.com Meat 
Janca, Kaci FSNS 806-239-9014 kaci.janca@fsns.com Meat 
Jenkins, Sherri JBS USA, LLC 970-506-8153 sherri.jenkins@jbssa.com Meat 
Jepson, Sarah Jack In The Box Inc. 530-545-2355 sarah.jepson@jackinthebox.com Meat 
Johnson, Emma Sandol Oklahoma Panhandle StateUniversity 580-349-1508 sandol.johnson@opsu.edu Meat 
Johnson, Paula Jill Reser’s Fine Foods 502-931-3176 jillj@resers.com Meat, Poultry 
Jones, Lyndsey JBS 219-313-4604 lyndsey.jones@jbssa.com Meat 
Karczewski, Jerry Karczewski Consulting 262-490-8293 jerry_karczewski@live.com Meat 
Kaster, Collette PAACO 6607485602 ckaster@animalauditor.org Meat, Swine 
Keller, Troy Cactus Feeders 806-679-6330 troy.keller@cactusfeeders.com Meat 
Kelley, Angela Sysco 281-584-2622 kelley.angela@corp.sysco.com Meat 
King, Timothy Validus 5159655628 tbkingdvm@gmail.com Meat 
Kirby, Alden NSF 404-981-9937 akirby@nsf.org Meat, Poultry 
Klassen, Mark Choice Genetics 402-369-0326 mark.klassen@choice-genetics.com Meat 
Kohles, Alan USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 402 212 7544 awk21@cox.net Meat, Poultry 
Krieger, Angie National Pork Board 515 223 3448 akrieger@pork.org. Meat, Swine 
Kukowski, Anna Cargill 806-685-0033 anna_kukowski@cargill.com Meat 
Kunkler, Rachel Brown Packing 864-542-4996 rkunkler@bropac.com Meat 
Kuykendall, Marcille Arrowsight Inc 256-772-2607 marcille.kuykendall@arrowsight.com Meat 
Kwasnecha, Shawn Cargill Meat Solutions 403-336-0972 shawn_kwasnecha@cargill.com Meat 
Lamar, Chad JBS 641-683-4727 chad.lamar@jbssa.com Meat 
Langlois, Lorraine HyLife Ltd 204392-7722 lorraine.langlois@hylife.com Meat 
Laroche, Joe Hylife 2043710957 joe.laroche@hylife.com Meat, Swine 
Larson, Renee USDA/FSIS 612-590-1922 renee.larson@fsis.usda.gov Meat 
Lary, Yale Sysco Corp. 281-584-2819 lary.yale@corp.sysco.com Meat 
Lavergne, Cory Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 204-571-2641 cory.lavergne@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Lawler, Jerome Merieux Nutrisciences 708-833-3662 jerome.lawler@mxns.com Meat, Poultry 
Lawlis, Penny Professional Livestock Auditing Inc. 226-688-7878 pclawlis@gmail.com Meat, Poultry 
Lawrence, Ty West Texas A&M University 806-651-2560 tlawrence@wtamu.edu Meat 
Leach, Scott JBS 970-506-7542 scott.leach@jbssa.com Meat 
Lee, Laurie Quality Pork Producers 507-434-9378 lcoffey@qppinc.net Meat 
Leierer, Twila D. Arby’s Restaurant Group 479-965-3158 tleierer@arbys.com Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Lembke, Ashley American Foods Group LLC 651-256-6109 alembke@americanfoodsgroup.com Meat 
Lemon, Mark USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 206-719-2386 mark.lemon@ams.usda.gov Meat, Poultry 
Libunao, Gerald SAI Global 416-301-2140 gerald.libunao@saiglobal.com Meat, Poultry 
Lindahl, Kristin Cargill 757-777-7424 kristin_lindahl@cargill.com Meat 
Lipford, Danielle Smithfield 910 862 5274 daniellelipford@smithfield.com Meat 
Little, Andrew Aus-Meat Limited 61-7-3361-9200 andrew.little@ausmeat.com.au Meat 
luce, agathe olymel 5142482985 agathe.luce@gmail.com Meat 
Machado, Irene JBS 806-433-8943 irene.machado@jbssa.com Meat 
Malone, Billy Wade USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 620-342-7116 wade.malone@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Malwitz, Mark JBS USA 970-381-5388 mark.malwitz@jbssa.com Meat 
Maness, Ed Case Farms 910-690-6017 emaness@casefarms.com Meat, Poultry 
Marr, Douglas L. Agri-World, Inc. 620-260-5165 dmarr@ptsi.net Meat, Poultry 
Marshall, Jason Smithfield/Farmland Corp. 309-734-4666 jmmarshall@smithfield.com Meat 
Martin, Alexandria Clemens Food Group 616-325-3232 amartin@clemensfoodgroup.com Meat 
Martinez, Mario J. Clougherty Packing Co. 323-583-4621, ext. 3 mmartinez@farmerjohn.com Meat 
Martz, Katherine Hormel Foods 815-953-7036 kmmartz@hormel.com Meat 
Matejovsky, Kathy USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 509-545-4106 kathryn.matejovsky@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Mcalister , Jason Triumph Foods 8166464005 jmcalister@triumphfoods.com Meat, Swine 
McDonald, Ann Smithfield Foods 5159860637 amcdonald@smithfield.com Meat, Swine 
McEndaffer, Cheyenne Dixon U.S. Meat Export Federation 303-681-7808 cmcendaffer@usmef.org Meat 
McMahan, Alyssa FSNS Certification & Audit 361-543-6185 alyssa.mcmahan@fsns.com Meat, Poultry 
McTavish, Kelly Inghams Enterprises (116141) 355-2621 kmctavish@inghams.com.au Meat, Poultry 
Medrano, Yony Cargill Meat Solutions 4023528338 yony_medrano@cargill.com Meat 
Mena, Luciana WQS do Brasil Ltda. +55 62 993408797 luciana_csmena@hotmail.com Meat 
Meyer, Josh Hormel Foods 402-753-3274 jmmeyer@hormel.com Meat 
Miller, Karen Applegate LLC 540-578-3703 karen.miller@applegatefarms.com Meat 
Miller, Mara FM Meats (315) 264-3006 mara.brueck@adenameatproducts.com Meat 
Miller, Mark Cargill 570-746-6340 mark_miller1@cargill.com Meat 
Mireles, Jeremy Caviness Beef Packers 806-357-2462 Meat 
Moeller, Steven J. The Ohio State University 614-565-6344 moeller.29@osu.edu Meat, Swine 
Molina, Cristina Consultant (506) 8938-2919 molbocri7@gmail.com Meat, Poultry 
Morrigan, Jane Integrity Livestock Services 902-305-4016 jane@integritylivestock.com Meat 
Moshier, Mark Arrowsight 256-520-9432 mark.moshier@arrowsight.com Meat 
Neva, Cristina Alberta Pork 780-271-8655 cristina.neva@albertapork.com Meat 
Nguyen, Lan Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 204-571-2523 lan.nguyen@mapleleaf.com Meat 
Nicholas, Doug Nicholas Meat, LLC 570-725-3511 dnicholas@nicholasmeats.com Meat 
Nolde, Ron Mountain States 970-576-3600 ext 140 ron.nolde@rosenlamb.com Meat 
Oldenberg, Krysten JBS 269-685-6886 krysten.oldenberg@jbssa.com Meat 
Omololu, Enoch Manitoba Agriculture 204-380-9077 enoch.omololu@gov.mb.ca Meat 
Onul, Cosmin Fresh Mark Inc. (330) 488-7363 gonul@freshmark.com Meat 
Pate, Ron Alberta Agriculture & Forestry 403-381-5179 ron.pate@gov.ab.ca Meat 
Pavlovic, Dragoslav Merieux NutriSciences 708-704-3516 dragoslav.pavlovic@mxns.com Meat, Poultry 
Perkins, John FM Meats 352-546-3000 john.perkins@adenameatproducts.com Meat 
Perreault, Lee Prairie Abattoir 2048577120 lee@prairieabattoir.ca Meat 
Pfalzgraf, Kellye Validus 479-200-4576 kellyechar@gmail.com Meat, Poultry 
Powell, Mark Cargill 620-225-2610 mark_powell@cargill.com Meat 
Provencher, Sandy Olymel S.E.C. 514-229-4136 sandyprovencher@olymel.com Meat, Poultry 
Quintana, Roman Seaboard Foods 580--338-9751 roman_quintana@seaboardfoods.com Meat 
Rahimi, Neda Donald's Fine Foods 6049928069 n.rahimi@donaldsfinefoods.com Meat 
Rahman, Inayatur OMAFRA 519-873-4090 inayatur.rahman@ontario.ca Meat 
Randazzo, Emile Nebraska Beef, Ltd. 402-733-1711 edazzo@nbeef.com Meat 
Raspaldo, Jennifer OSI Industries 630-692-2393 jraspaldo@osigroup.com Meat, Poultry 
Rathje, Nancy Albertsons Companies 303-843-7644 nancy.rathje@safeway.com Meat, Poultry 
Rea, Heather Seaboard Foods 4053880540 rea_36_2001@yahoo.com Meat, Swine 
Rivas, Daniel Tyson Fresh Meats 620-521-6169 daniel.rivas@tyson.com Meat 
Robinson, Ben Aus-Meat Limited 0409-590-834 ben.robinson@ausmeat.com.au Meat 
Roehrig, Colleen Conestoga Meat Packers 519-648-2506 croehrig@conestogameats.com Meat 
Rogers, Art JBS USA Food Company 970-506-8258 art.rogers@jbssa.com Meat 
Romines, Wayne Swaggerty Sausage Company 865-933-2625 wromines@swaggertys.com Meat 
Romulo, Ben CTI Foods 626-633-1609, ext. 1 bromulo@ctifoods.com Meat, Poultry 
Rosca, Lucica OMAFRA 519-820-4543 lucica.rosca@ontario.ca Meat 
Ross, Steve USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 970-346-0567 steve.ross@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Rovella, Patricia Meat 
Ruiz, Amanda Caviness Beef Packers 806-357-2462 amandaruiz092831.ar17@gmail.com Meat 
Rust, Burke JBS 435-245-2253 burke.rust@jbssa.com Meat 
Sanchez Trinidad, Jose Manuel NSF de Mexico 52-1-442-242-4830 jmsanchez@nsf.org Meat, Feedlot 
Sanders, Michael FSNS Certification & Audit 210-744-3079 michael.sanders@fsns.com Meat, Poultry 
Sapp, Brian White Oak Pastures, Inc. 229-641-2081 briansapp@whiteoakpastures.com Meat 
Sarratt, Mark FSNS 210-550-1273 mark.sarratt@fsns.com Meat 
Sarratt, Ronnie USDA/FSIS 214-773-5493 ronnie.sarratt2@fsis.usda.gov Meat 
Schad, Mark Mark Schad Online 305-509-3382 mark@markschadonline.com Meat 
Scherzinger, Barbara Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) 613-773-6103 barbara.scherzinger@inspection.gc.ca Meat 
Schoop, Jamie USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 202-302-6373 jamie.schoop@ams.usda.gov Meat, Poultry 
Schwartzkopf-Genswein, Karen Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada 403-317-3354 karen.genswein@agr.gc.ca Meat, Feedlot 
Scott, Sharron FSNS Certification & Audit 210-284-6487 sharron.scott@fsns.com Meat, Poultry 
Seguin, Monica Candian Council on Animal Care 613-238-4031 ext 236 mseguin@telus.net Meat 
Shepard, Stephen Miller Poultry 5742024904 stephens@millerpoultry.com Meat, Poultry 
Sherman, Greg L. GSC Northwest HACCP Consultants LLC 360-298-0089 greg.sherman@mxns.com Meat, Poultry 
Shifflette, Susan OSI Group 630-692-2300 sshifflette@osigroup.com Meat 
Siemens, Mike Arrowsight Global Agribusiness 316-737-9318 mike.siemens@arrowsight.com Meat, Feedlot 
Simon, Paul JBS 970-304-7376 paul.simon@jbssa.com Meat 
SKINNER, STEVE (RICK) USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 605-310-3420 rick.skinner@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Slaymaker, Michelle Walts Wholesale Meats Inc. 360-225-8203 waltsmeatsinc@comcast.net Meat 
Smith, Chris Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture 306-787-4692 chris.smith@gov.sk.ca Meat 
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Smith, Robert Lone Star Beef Processors L.P. 325-658-5555 lsbrobby@gmail.com Meat 
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Stafford, Sandy Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development 403-948-8506 sandy.stafford@gov.ab.ca Meat 
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Stewart, Montana VPP Group, LLC 608-823-7445 montanastewart@gmail.com Meat 
Stout, Angela Quality Pork Producers, Inc. 507-434-6318 alstout@hormel.com Meat 
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Sutton, Wayne Smithfield 309-536-1419 waynesutton83@gmail.com Meat 
Sweeter, Kurtis Smithfield 605-330-3152 ksweeter@smithfield.com Meat 
Tenhoff, Heather USDA, AMS, LPS, QAD 202-381-6073 heather.tenhoff@ams.usda.gov Meat 
Thiam, Ami JBS 215-703-6102 oumou.thiam@jbssa.com Meat 
Thomas, Michelle L. Applegate Natural & Organic Meats 479-806-5039 michelle.thomas@applegate.com Meat, Poultry 
Toaff-Rosenstein, Rachel SCR 610-348-5585 rtoaff@gmail.com Meat 
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Uthe, Daniel J. UQ Strategies LLC 515-822-3797 djuthe@uqstrategies.com Meat, Poultry 
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Verhoeven, Ron Sofina Foods 905-638-7902 rverhoeven@sofinafoods.com Meat 
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Vogel, Kurt Vogel Livestock Solutions/U of W - River Falls 608-732-1097 vogellivestocksolutions@gmail.com Meat 
Voogd, Erika Voogd Consulting, Inc. 630-561-1958 evoogd@voogdconsulting.com Meat, Poultry 
Wagner, Corey Premium Iowa Pork 712-752-8666 corey@premiumiowapork.com Meat 
Wagner, Crystal Tyson Foods, Inc. 605-235-2940 crystal.wagner@tyson.com Meat 
Wagner, Shawna Det Norske Veritas (DNV) 920-205-1458 shawna.wagner@dnvgl.com Meat 
Watson, Candice Swaggerty Sausage Company 865-933-2625 cwatson@swaggertys.com Meat 
Watson, Scott Merieux NutiScience 806-301-8160 shwatson001@gmail.com Meat 
Webb, Sherrie 515-238-8139 webb@aasv.org Meat, Swine 
Wells, Sarah Wendy’s 608-931-4499 sarah.wells@wendys.com Meat, Poultry 
Wilson, Darrell B. USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 574-735-3057 darrell.wilson@ams.usda.gov Meat, Poultry 
Wilson, Don MAFRD 204-573-9248 don.wilson@gov.mb.ca Meat 
Wilson, Michael Cargill 519-823-5200ext422 mike-guel_wilson@cargill.com Meat 
Wise, Melissa Country View Family Farms mwise@cvff.com Meat, Swine 
Woiwode, Ruth Food Safety Net Services 970-690-9337 ruth.woiwode@fsns.com Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Swine, Feedlot 
Wolfe, Dale Cargill Meat Solutions 402-352-5411 dale_wolfe@cargill.com Meat 
Wolfenden, Nick Tyson 479-305-4475 nicholas.wolfenden@tyson.com Meat, Poultry 
Woods, Jennifer J. Woods Livestock Services 403-684-3008 livestockhandling@mac.com Meat, Poultry, Swine, Feedlot 
Woolcott, Caitlin Meat 
Wooton Gallimore, Casey Lynn Meat Insitute 202-587-4254 cgallimore@meatinstitue.org Meat 
Wormsbecher, Lisa Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd. 905-510-3568 lwormsbecher@conestogameats.com Meat 
Yake Strickland, Mallory Smithfield Foods Hog Production Division 910-290-1250 myake@smithfield.com Meat 
Zerby, Henry N. Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc. 614-764-3406 henry.zerby@wqscc.com Meat, Poultry 
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