The Standard of Excellence in Animal Welfare Auditing

Certified Auditors Directory

Name Company Phone# Email Type
Abdalla, Adil USDA/FSIS 972-859-9424 Meat 
Acosta, Katherine JBS 402-594-3233 Meat 
Adams, Don Pilgrim’s 970-237-9892 Poultry 
Adams, Edith N. USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 209-623-8979 Meat 
Adams, Sandy JBS Greeley Beef 970-304-7377 Meat 
Adkins, Anne Christensen Farms 641-745-9300 Meat, Poultry, Swine 
Aehle, Sandra Elanco Animal Health 636-388-1632 Poultry 
Aguilar Delgado, Oscar Fernando Cargill 519-902-4159 Poultry 
Aguirre Tinoco, Itzetl NSF de Mexico 52-442-2422926, Meat 
Aker, Cathy 519-928-9600 Meat 
Aleman, Jorge Caviness Beef Packers 806-357-2462 Meat 
Alexander, Lacey Cargill 316-291-5543 Meat 
Alexander, Paula Bates Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. 479-387-1962 Meat 
Algino, Ryan JBS 970-506-7502 Meat 
Alkire, Matt Cargill Meat Solutions 559-268-5586 Meat 
Allain, Ann 613-686-6156 Meat 
Almer, Anna Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-894-4233 Poultry 
Alonso Simplicio de Oliveira, Ana Caroolina OSI Group, LLC 11-997035005 Meat, Poultry 
Altringer, Jay Cargill Kitchen Solutions 952-984-0851 Poultry 
Ambrose, Neil Sunrise Farms 604-864-0555 Poultry 
Amundson, Jamee National Pork Board 515-223-3534 Swine 
Anderson, Kasey Cobb-Vantress 704-677-2201 Poultry 
Anderson, Kellie USDA,AMS, LPS,QAD 303-886-0728 Poultry 
Anderson, Robert USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 573-301-7801 Poultry 
Andree, Joseph A. Hormel Foods 507-355-8199 Meat 
Anthenill, Lucy USDA FSIS 530-219-7125 Meat 
Anthony, Sherry E. Pilgrim’s Pride 936-676-6075 Poultry 
Aranzaso, Christine Olymel SEC/LP 403-343-8700 Meat 
Arellano, Juan Cargill 540-879-2566 Poultry 
Ariza, Wadie Agriculture Process Assurance Ltd 204-326-2999 Meat, Swine 
Armock, Rodger AquaResource 909-730-1805 Poultry 
Arnold, Eleanor L. (Elly) NSF 816-261-2500 Poultry 
Avari, Goshasp GA Food Safety Systems 647-212-5619 Meat 
Ayers, Paul The Maschhoffs 618-594-2125 Swine 
Baidoo, Sam University of Minn-Waseca 507-837-5626 Swine 
Barth, Skylar Hormel Foods 507-440-8248 Meat 
Bartlett, Stacy (Riggs) Merieux NutriSciences 903-243-3101 Meat 
Batista, Liliana WQS 55-14-3811-3003 Meat 
Battrell, Mary Smithfield Hog Production Division 910-271-0474 Swine 
Baysinger, Angela Merck Animal Health 402-353-4855 Swine 
Beadle, Joanne Horizon Poultry/Maple Leaf Foods 519-364-3200 ext. 41 Poultry 
Beale, Gene H.P. Beale & Sons, Inc. 757-620-9240 Poultry 
Beaudoin, Stephane Gestbeau Inc. 819-469-2883 Meat, Poultry 
Belcher, Theresa (Terry) Golden State Foods 770-355-3218 Meat 
Benabid, El Oualid Olymel L.P. 514-858-9000, ext. 3 Meat, Poultry 
Bentley, John C. Cooper Hatchery, Inc. 419-594-8001 Poultry 
Bessey, Josh 269-329-8490 Meat 
Best, Kim Prospect Agri-Services 902-670-4397 Poultry 
Bigelow, Wade Tyson Fresh Meats 806-335-7413 Meat 
Bignold, Addison Cargill Meat Solutions 403-336-3745 Meat 
Bilgili, S.F. Auburn University 334-524-3506 Poultry 
Bishop, Bonnie Ontario SPCA 613-936-0072 Meat 
Bland, Mark Cutler Associates International 209-604-0381 Poultry 
Bohaboj, Christopher Smithfield Foods 402-416-9888 Meat 
Bolanos Stanley, Adolfo NSF International 52-442-2422926 Meat 
Boleman, Shanna FSNS Certification & Audit 817-228-9795 Meat 
Bolin, Dustin Farbest Foods 812-639-9824 Poultry 
Bolin, Robert American Beef Packers 909-247-9636 Meat 
Bonner, Curtis Merieux NutriSciences 708-566-7604 Poultry 
Bookout, Bob Cargill 573-418-9079 Poultry 
Booth, Mary Cobb-Vantress 479-549-6099 Poultry 
Boudet, Allen Claxton Poultry 912-739-3181 Poultry 
Bourret, Jim Maple Leaf Pork 403-715-9498 Meat 
Bouvier, Danielle OMAFRA 519-826-1025 Meat 
Bowers, Laura Poultry Industry Council 519-441-7108 Poultry 
Boyd, Stephanie Koch Foods 601-732-3304 Poultry 
Boykin, Courtney Texas A&M University 512-940-8795 Meat 
Bradley, Michael Smithfield-Farmland 910-249-9531, ext. 1 Meat 
Brand, Lindsay Novus International 479-463-9918 Poultry 
Bresnahan, Boyd Alberta On Farm Audits 780-645-1902 Poultry 
Brister, Ira Crown B Consulting 512-903-1328 Poultry 
Brookshire, Sheilena Sedona Ag/Elanco 706-654-8781 Poultry 
Brown, Leigh Cargill 226-236-4941 Poultry 
Brown, Sara 54-911-59567984 Poultry 
Brueggeman, Wade Dakota Pack 712-362-2225 Meat 
Brunker, Dale Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd 04-270-12634 Poultry 
Bruns, Aaron Cooper Farms, Inc. 419-852-5660 Meat, Poultry 
Bruzual, Jose J. Aviagen 256-468-6250 Poultry 
Bubke, Kyle Smithfield 712-259-0401 Meat 
Bukusu, Pierre Egg Farmers of Canada 514 754-3798 Poultry 
Burch, Dustin Blake Aviagen Turkeys 304-520-2703 Poultry 
Burden, Kathryn University of Georgia 706-817-1945 Poultry 
Burgess, Tammy Jennie-O Turkey Store 715-537-3131,ext.934 Poultry 
Burke, Larry Wendy’s 614-395-6689 Meat, Poultry 
Burtnick, Jason Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 204-571-2561 Meat 
Butters-Johnson, Anna K. Iowa State University 515-294-2098 Swine 
Buttrum, Kathy Maple Leaf Consumer Foods -Brandon 204-571-2633 Meat 
Byrd, Christopher Purdue University 319-215-5431 Poultry 
Byrd, Sara House of Raeford Farms 318-564-9959 Poultry 
Caceres, Miguel (Mike) USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 407-823-9567 Meat 
Cagle, Douglas Butterball LLC 479-222-5204 Poultry 
Caldwell, Janelle Gray Ridge Eggs 519-291-8718 Meat, Poultry 
Caldwell, Michelle S. Walmart Stores, Inc. 479-312-3312 Meat 
Camacho, Laura SGS North America Inc 605-633-1892 Poultry 
Camara, Eduardo Hendrix Genetics 519-242-3062 Poultry 
Camm, Blair Exceldor Foods, Ltd. 519-505-1847 Poultry 
Campbell, Don 920--373-6544 Meat 
Caplinger, Jackie Whole Foods Market 512-964-8857 Poultry 
Carbaugh, Barbara Arrowsight 256-714-4466 Meat 
Carney, William USDA AMS 202-744-8875 Poultry 
Carrillo Andrade, Gerardo NSF Internacional 52-5547946356 Meat 
Carter, Keith Cargill 540-879-2742 Poultry 
Chambers, Susan Fieldale Farms Corp. 706-778-5100 Poultry 
Chan, Chloe Maple Leaf Foods (780)417-4208 Poultry 
Chappell, Brad Agriculture Process Assurance Ltd 204-326-2999 Meat 
Charison, Cameron Charison Turkey Hatchery 204-886-2922 Poultry 
Charmasson, Keith JBS 623-476-4150 Meat 
Cherian, Thomas Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods 604 856 6698 Ext 209 Poultry 
Chin, Jennifer Jamaica Broilers Group LTD 876-383-5162 Poultry 
christensen, karen U of A 479-926-0551 Poultry 
Churchill, Brad Cargill, Inc. 316-291-8131 Meat 
Cigainero, Travis CEVA Animal Health 903-767-0324 Poultry 
Clark, Steven Devenish Nutrition 201-741-2836 Poultry 
Coats, Gregg Amick Farms, LLC 803-532-1400, ext. 1 Poultry 
Coble, Joel Tyson Fresh Meats 479-397-0080 Meat 
Cole, Ben Ben Cole Consulting, LLC 864-962-9622 Poultry 
Collier, Chad Lone Star Beef Processors 325-895-0843 Meat 
Collins, Alan B. (Brad) Process Management Consulting 706-889-0872 Poultry 
Coltrain, Raymond Cont Aud. Validus Services 704-642-8918 Poultry 
Conrad, Samantha Tyson foods inc 605-235-2191 Meat 
Cook, James R. Simmons Foods, Inc. 479-427-0525 Poultry 
Cooley, Leanne L.H.Gray & Son Ltd. 519-766-3856 Poultry 
Cooper-Smith, Jodi Egg Farmers of Ontario 519-761-1095 Poultry 
Corbiere, Adrien Maple Leaf Foods 403-329-5232 Meat 
Corsiglia, Charles Foster Farms Poultry 209-988-0551 Poultry 
Costei, Maria Sofina Foods 604-945-1105 Poultry 
Cottee, Stephanie Cargill 519-823-7175 Meat, Poultry 
Coughlin, Elizabeth (Betsy) Cargill 763-516-4488 Meat 
Crawford, Sara OSI Group, LLC 630-692-2218 Meat 
Cress, Kristin Smithfield Foods 605-330-3299 Meat 
Crook, LeRoy (Lee) LeRoy N. Crook LLC 319-627-2498 Poultry 
Cumming, Shelley A. Central Valley Meat Co., Inc. 559-281-1005 Meat 
Cummings, Tim Zoetis 662-312-8875 Poultry 
Cuny, Sara-Abbie Pilgrim’s 256-343-4483 Poultry 
Dahlke, David Wayne Farms 256-486-1304 Poultry 
Dale, Elizabeth Pilgrims 706-621-3987 Poultry 
Daly, Karen Perdue Foods 252-209-5687 Poultry 
Daniel, Dennis G. Harrison Poultry, Inc. 770-867-7511,ext.251 Poultry 
Daniels, C. Scanlon Circle H Headquarters, LLC 806-244-7851 Meat 
Dantzler, Kevin Catelli Brothers, Inc. 856-869-9293 Meat 
Darmanin, Christine Cold Spring Farms 519-285-3940, ext. 3 Poultry 
Davidson, Samuel Maple Leaf Foods, Inc. 905-285-6057 Meat, Poultry 
Davis, Lauren Seaboard Triumph Foods 712-226-7869 Meat 
Davis, S. Brooke (Rea) Lopez Foods, Inc. 405-499-0142 Meat 
Demma, Matthew R. Process Management Consulting 502-529-6681 Poultry 
Derington, Andrew (Justin) FSNS Certification & Audit 210-957-9913 Meat, Poultry 
Detzler, Derek Hucon Inc. 519-367-3377 Poultry 
Deutsch, George SAI Global 416-617-7544 Meat, Poultry 
DeVillena, Juan F. Wayne Farms, LLC 678-294-0558 Poultry 
DeWeese, Jeffrey Iowa Select Farms 641-373-4314 Swine 
Dion, Kate Hanor Company Swine 
Dirks, Brian Eggland’s Best Eggs LLC 610-265-6500 Poultry 
Dobson, Kurt Simmons Foods 479-228-2087 Poultry 
Dominguez, Jose Luis Cargill Meat Solutions 806-295-8366 Meat 
Dougherty, Suzanne Young Pecking Around Consulting, Inc. 256-975-1663 Poultry 
Dover, Katherine A. NSF International 803-497-7782 Poultry 
Doyle, Timothy Tyson 712-213-6205 Poultry 
Drew, Levi Cargill 970-867-1567 Meat 
Dyce, Bridgette 334-444-7809 Meat 
Eastwood, Lauren Clay Texas A&M University 830-643-4710 Meat 
Eblen, Derek Tyson Foods, Inc. 336-212-6871 Poultry 
Edgell, Ashley Smithfield - Farmland North 434-906-0795 Meat 
Edwards-Callaway, Lily 970-506-7502 Meat 
Egbert, Steve PFFJ, LLC (Hormel) 559-992-8421, ext. 7 Meat 
Eidson, Phillip Aviagen, Inc. 256-732-3574,ext.104 Poultry 
Elder, Robert Seaboard Foods 9136768816 Meat 
Elliott, Ben Hybrid Turkeys 519-578-2740 Poultry 
Elmore, Candis Cargill Meat Solutions 970-867-1592 Meat 
Elson, Brittanie Fresh Mark Inc 330-418-7523 Meat, Poultry 
Empting, Erika Smithfield Foods 757-608-8234 Meat 
En, Yii Heng Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 647-949-8819 Poultry 
Ennis, Todd Wayne Farms, LLC 336-386-5832 Poultry 
Erickson, Emily New Fashion Pork 507-841-1120 Swine 
Erickson, Kathrine (Kathy) B.C. Chicken Marketing Board 604-859-2868 Poultry 
Ernst, Lori FSNS C&A 210-355-6937 Meat, Poultry 
Escobar, Mike Cargill - Friona 806-292-3169 Meat 
Esters, Brian George’s Inc 479-927-7460 Poultry 
Fairbrother, Marnie Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 519-229-8900, ext. 8 Poultry 
Faltys, Mike Cargill Meat Solutions 402-352-8247 Meat 
Farias Arroyo, Diana NSF de Mexico, S de R.L. de C.V. 52-442-242-2926 Meat, Poultry 
Farley, Jim Validus Verifications 209-564-6260 Poultry 
Fate, Sheena Meat 
Feinberg, Bruce McDonald’s Corp. 630-623-4992 Meat, Poultry 
Fenske, Molly Praedium Ventures LLC 515-822-0254 Meat 
Ferencz, Arpad 519-502-4440 Poultry 
Ferguson, Briana FACTA LLC (320)304-0886 Swine 
Ferguson, David Cargill Beef 970-867-1579 Meat 
Fernandez, Dave Willmar Poultry Co. - AgForte 919-818-6171 Poultry 
Ferry, Mark Southern Hens 601-433-0813 Poultry 
Fessahaye, Ruth Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 519-229-8900 ext. 83 Poultry 
Fillingham, Alistair 44 7778 577105 Poultry 
Finck, Jessica (Igo) Merck Animal Health 806-773-7477 Meat 
Fischer, Dale British Columbia Egg Mktg. Bd. 604-557-3367 Poultry 
Flatt, Haley FSNS Certification & Audit 937-405-3128 Meat 
Fletcher, Jonathon Hybrid Turkeys 519-578-2740 Poultry 
Fohner, Kerry Wayne Farms LLC 256-306-1049 Poultry 
Foutch, Ashley Smithfield 402-826-8809 Meat 
Franks, Marcy JBS 606-316-6116 Meat 
Freeman, Susan R. Sanderson Farms, Inc. 601-426-1480 Poultry 
French, Mary Keystone Foods 270-647-0355 Poultry 
Friend, Byron (Chuck) USDA AMS LPS QAD 410-543-6629 Poultry 
Friesenhahn, Martin USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 972-765-0377 Meat, Poultry 
Fuchs, Christian Maple Leaf Foods, Inc. 416-420-6402 Poultry 
Gagne, Birgit Egg Farmers of Canada 604 556-8067 Poultry 
Gagne, Yves Merieux NutriSciences 581-307-4091 Meat 
Gale, Angelia USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 620-215-3486 Meat 
Gambrell, Elijah Columbia Farms 706-356-8556 Poultry 
Ganci, Michelle Fresno State University 559-307-2563 Poultry 
Garcia, Camillo R. JBS 269-204-3409 Meat 
Garcia-Marquez, Arlene Texas Tech University 5065447793 Meat, Swine 
Gardiner, Dana Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development 204-391-6616 Meat 
Gardner, Donald Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. 620-225-0541 Meat 
Gardner, Jennifer Chicken Farmers of Canada 613-566-5921 Poultry 
Garry, Marissa Ag Forte/Wilmar 507-848-1104 Poultry 
Garvey, Paul 579-364-0579 Poultry 
Gary, Liza Peco Foods, Inc. 205-364-2129 Poultry 
Gazdzinski, Peter Cuddy Farms, Ltd. 2008 519-245-1592,ext.249 Poultry 
Genger, Seiche Cargill Turkey Production 707-499-0891 Poultry 
Gengler, Micheal Cargill Turkeys LLC 660-287-4879 Poultry 
Gengler, Mike Cargill Turkey 660-287-4879 Poultry 
Georgiou, Malenka Turkey Farmers of Canada 905-812-3140,ext.227 Poultry 
Germain, Elyse Egg Farmers of Canada 613-238-2514 x 2284 Poultry 
Gibson, Blake Jones-Hamilton Co. 843-319-7791 Poultry 
Gilbert, Corey Dee USDA/AMS/LPS/QAD 940-735-2178 Meat, Poultry 
Gilbert, Robin George’s Inc. 479-221-2157 Poultry 
Gillen, Michael J. Koch Foods 601-732-3245 Poultry 
Girard, Lise-Anne Syndicat des Produteurs d’oeufs 450-679-0530 Poultry 
Glasscock, Rob Sysco Corporation 281-584-5007 Poultry 
Goes, Linette L. WQS +55 14-3811-3003 Meat 
Goforth, Richard N.C. Cooperative Ext., Area Poultry Agent 704-650-0015 Poultry 
Gonano, Caroline Turkey Farmers of Canada 905-812-3140 Poultry 
Gonder, Eric Butterball, LLC 919-778-3130,ext.123 Poultry 
Goodner, Glee Validus 507.320.8142 Meat 
Graham, Gerard H. Perdue Foods, LLC 302-855-5668 Poultry 
Grandin, Temple Grandin L/S Systems 970-229-0703 Meat, Poultry 
Grass, Julie Hormel Foods Corp. 507-434-6858 Meat 
Gray, Bridget Olymel L.P. 306-290-9125, Meat 
Gray, Peter Inghams Enterprises +61418672011 Poultry 
Green, Joe Cargill 817-886-7616 Meat 
Grein, Fred Maple Leaf Foods 519-364-3200, ext. 4 Poultry 
Grimes, Jesse L. NC State University 919-515-5406 Poultry 
Groten, Brian Cargill Value Added Meats Food Svc. 780-887-0466 Meat 
Guevara, Jesus Cargill 806-236-3208 Meat 
Gwartney, Micah Nolan Ryan Beef Company 936-755-4156 Meat 
Hagadorn, Jack Cargill Beef 570-746-3000, ext. 7 Meat 
Hale, Daniel Texas A&M University 979-587-9245 Meat 
Hall, Thomas Wayne Farms 601-399-7052 Poultry 
Hannon, Sherry Feedlot Health Management Services 403-710-9594 Meat 
Hansen, Greg M. Poultry Intellimetrics, Inc. 320-492-4844 Poultry 
Harbison, Bob Robert M. Harbison, DVM LLC 423-733-2435 Poultry 
Harmon, Marvin Simmons Prepared Foods, Inc. 417-762-3271, ext. 6 Poultry 
Harrell, James Keystone Foods 229-328-7819 Poultry 
Harris, Amy Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. 316-291-2513 Meat, Poultry 
Harris, David Simmons Foods 479-427-0433 Poultry 
Harris, McKensie Texas A&M University 979-862-3643 Meat 
Harrison, Greg Process Management Consulting 601-540-2490 Poultry 
Harrison, Judi KFC - Yum! Brands 601-927-4457 Poultry 
Harvey, Craig Pine Ridge Farms 515-266-4100 Meat 
Hatchwell, Diane Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 519-662-6010 ext 237 Poultry 
Hay, Bryan Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 204-571-2583 Meat 
Hayek, Brian FSNS Certification & Audit 210-268-8020 Meat, Poultry 
Hayes, Kate Aviagen 256-732-3574 Poultry 
Heckart, Patricia USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 920-541-3287 Meat, Poultry 
Heddlesten, Lacey USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 620-717-3834 Meat 
Heffel, Kendra 902-215-0013 Poultry 
Heintzelman, Scott Nutriquest 276-971-4643 Poultry 
Henderson, Aaron AMS LPSP ASB 512-618-7099 Poultry 
Henderson, Tim Ozark Mountain Poultry, Inc. 479-282-5292 Poultry 
Henry, Amy USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 507-822-4289 Meat 
Henson, Blake Clear View Enterprises 479-361-4689 Poultry 
Hermes, David R. Perdue Farms LLC 812-257-4546 Poultry 
Herner, Gordon Egg Farmers of Canada 204-422-5125 Poultry 
Herring, Frank Koch Foods, LLC 601-732-3131 Poultry 
Herzog Masis, Christine NSF Costa Rica SA 506-8811-7197 Meat, Poultry 
Heskett, Eric Elanco Animal Health 317-417-5741 Poultry 
Hibtu, Dawit Cargill Meat Solutions 403-399-9727 Meat 
Hicks, Dean Validus 8163873845 Swine 
Hildreth, David J. USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 215-639-3925 Meat, Poultry 
Hilliard, Dana Cobb-Vantress Inc 479-856-4677 Poultry 
Hinrichs, Justin Nebraska Beef 402-733-1711 Meat 
Hire, Holly Cooper Farms, Inc. 419-594-3325 Poultry 
Hoagland, Dale Cargill Meat Solutions 970-370-1611 Meat 
Hogle, Eric Hormel Foods 515-851-0921 Meat 
Holcomb, Jason George’s Inc 479-927-7461 Poultry 
Holden, James (Jim) Maple Leaf (Cold Springs) 519-285-3940,ext. 42 Poultry 
Holland, Judah Zvi Star-K Certification 410-999-3660 Meat 
Holmes, Susan Koch Foods 423-522-2314 Poultry 
Hooper, Eric SAI Global 706-340-0186 Poultry 
Houghton, Scott Burnbrae Farms Ltd. 519-897-0204 Poultry 
Howe, Brian Cargill 403-652-4688, ext. 3 Meat 
Huffman, Susan Butterball LLC 417-358-0336 Poultry 
Huffman, Todd Brown Packing Co. 910-237-3530 Meat 
Hutter, Steven Butterball LLC 501-620-8911 Poultry 
Ion, Sheila JBS 217-323-6200, ext. 6 Meat 
Isenberg, Jon National Beef LLC 620-482-2270 Meat 
Ivan, Mona Alameda Ventures 604-308-4632 Poultry 
Jackson, Matthew R. Keystone FoodsEufaula Div. LLC 334-688-6704 Poultry 
Jackson, Nicola OMAFRA 519-826-3659 Meat 
Jacobs, China Akey Nutrition - Provmim North America 937-770-2800 Poultry 
James, Jonathan Sanderson Farms, Inc. 601-649-4030,ext.147 Poultry 
James, Stuart Circle S Ranch 704-764-7414, ext. 1 Poultry 
Janca, Kaci FSNS 806-239-9014 Meat 
Jenkins, Sherri JBS USA, LLC 970-506-8153 Meat 
Jennings, R. Shannon House of Raeford 9102896882 Poultry 
Jennings-Glover, Jennifer Fl Dept of Ag & Consumer Services 850-251-1226 Poultry 
Jepson, Sarah Jack In The Box Inc. 530-545-2355 Meat 
Jernigan, Chantell Simmons Foods 479-215-2118 Poultry 
Johannson, Sarah Canadian Food Inspection Agency 306-385-4928 Poultry 
Johnson, Alice Butterball 202-327-3835 Poultry 
Johnson, Benjamin Huvepharma 706-254-8386 Poultry 
Johnson, Emma Sandol Oklahoma Panhandle StateUniversity 580-349-1508 Meat 
Johnson, Paula Jill Reser’s Fine Foods 502-931-3176 Meat, Poultry 
Johnson-Powell, Erin George’s Inc. 479-927-7574 Poultry 
Jones, Lyndsey JBS 219-313-4604 Meat 
Jones, Matt Validus 515-278-8002 Poultry, Dairy, Swine 
Jones, Rebecca NC State University 919-513-6299 Poultry 
Kadylo, Lorrie Poultry Health Services 403-542-7060 Poultry 
Kanters, Henry Hybrid Turkeys 734-474-3785 Poultry 
Kassube, Hope Validus 515-278-8002 Poultry 
Keck, Lloyd D. Zoetis 479-422-2929 Poultry 
Keller, Troy Cactus Feeders 806-679-6330 Meat 
Kelley, Angela Sysco 281-584-2622 Meat 
Kelling, Wayne Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-2142853 Poultry 
Kelly, Donna University of Pennsylvania - New Bolton Center -Poultry Lab 610-636-1718 Poultry 
King, Timothy USDA, FSIS 402-206-1479 Meat 
Kirby, Alden NSF 404-981-9937 Meat, Poultry 
Kirkpatrick, Cassandra 403-401-0696 Poultry 
Klassen, Mark Choice Genetics 402-369-0326 Meat 
Kneeland, Danni NSF Int’l 403-650-3903 Poultry 
Koch, Newton 9-17 Consulting 479-438-4615 Poultry 
Koeppe, Lauren JBS 2605703925 Meat 
Kohles, Alan USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 202 212 7544 Meat, Poultry 
Kojic Rousseil, Bernardo Independent Advisory Egg Producers 0054-9116-916-66635 Poultry 
Konie Jr., August C. Maple Leaf Farms 574-453-4168 Poultry 
Korpan, Joe NSF International - GFTC 519-358-3251 Poultry 
Kostal, Charlie Hybrid Turkeys 519-578-2740 Poultry 
Kuipers, Pamela Egg Farmers of Ontario 905-858-9790 Poultry 
Kukowski, Anna Cargill 806-685-0033 Meat 
Kull, Diane Applegate Farms LLC 908-725-5800, ext. 2 Meat, Poultry 
Kuykendall, Marcille Arrowsight Inc 256-772-2607 Meat 
Kwasnecha, Shawn Cargill Meat Solutions 403-336-0972 Meat 
LaBounty, Judith Select Genetics 417-772-2424 Poultry 
Lambert-Ross, Andrea Egg Farmers of Canada 613 238-2514 Poultry 
Landberg, Mark JBS USA 507-372-2121 Meat 
Langlois, Lorraine HyLife Ltd 204392-7722 Meat 
Lanier, Greg Nash Johnson & Sons Farms 910-289-3113 Poultry 
Laroche, Joe Hylife 2043710957 Meat, Swine 
Larson, Renee USDA/FSIS 612-590-1922 Meat 
Lary, Yale Sysco Corp. 281-584-2819 Meat 
Lastiwka, Dave Egg Farmers of Alberta 403-250-1197 x132 Poultry 
Lavergne, Cory Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 204-571-2641 Meat 
Lawler, Jerome Merieux Nutrisciences 708-833-3662 Meat, Poultry 
Lawlis, Penny Professional Livestock Auditing Inc. 226-688-7878 Meat, Poultry 
Lawrence, Ty West Texas A&M University 806-651-2560 Meat 
Leach, Scott JBS 970-506-7542 Meat 
Lee, Laurie Quality Pork Producers 507-434-9378 Meat 
Leider, Amy USDA/FSIS 510-715-7526 Meat 
Leierer, Twila D. Arby’s Restaurant Group 479-965-3158 Meat, Poultry 
Lembke, Ashley American Foods Group LLC 651-256-6109 Meat 
Lemle, Hanna FSNS Certification & Audit 972-342-0533 Meat, Poultry 
Lemon, Mark USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 206-719-2386 Poultry 
Leonardo, Roberto Hendrix Genetics 519-716-5191 Poultry 
Leske, Kori Michael Foods 507-665-8700 Poultry 
Levengood, Michael Perdue Farms Inc 410-543-3000 Poultry 
Libunao, Gerald SAI Global 416-201-2140 Meat 
Lillie, Chris OBHECC 5198370005 Poultry 
Lindahl, Kristin Smithfield 757-357-1654 Meat 
Linde, Scott Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-256-4245 Poultry 
Lindsey, Christina Aviagen Veterinary Services 404-543-4205 Poultry 
Lingenfelter, Brady Perdue Farms Inc 812-617-0359 Poultry 
List, Diane Hendrix Genetics 519-621-5191, ext. 2 Poultry 
Little, Andrew Aus-Meat Limited 61-7-3361-9200 Meat 
Littlefield, Virginia Superior Farms 970-689-1008 Meat, Poultry 
Livingston Menges, Kate Hain Pure Protein/Plainville Farms 717-339-9959 Poultry 
Loehndorf, Sarah Zonneveld BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission 604-854-4451 Poultry 
Long, Kathleen Becher Maple Leaf Foods 519-662-1501, ext. 2 Poultry 
Lopez, Michael USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 501-766-4782 Poultry 
Lowe, Katie BC Egg Marketing Board 604-854-4490 Poultry 
Lozano, Fernando CEVA Animal Health 33-761-83-8200 Poultry 
Luchsinger, Lolita Cargill Kitchen Solutions 641-494-2209 Poultry 
Maarhuis, Jason BC Chicken Marketing Board 604-308-9663 Poultry 
Machado, Irene JBS 806-433-8943 Meat 
Maenhout, Frank Maple Leaf Foods, Ltd. 780-408-1985 Poultry 
Malone, Billy Wade USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 620-342-7116 Meat 
Malwitz, Mark JBS USA 970-381-5388 Meat 
Mangra-Bala, Bharuhtsingh Maple Leaf Foods 780-700-6689 Poultry 
Marr, Douglas L. Agri-World, Inc. 620-260-5165 Meat, Poultry 
Marshall, Jason Smithfield/Farmland Corp. 309-734-4666 Meat 
Martin, Alexandria Clemens Food Group 616-325-3232 Meat 
Martin, Gregory P. Penn State University Extension 717-394-6851 Poultry 
Martinez, Ana Maria Exceldor 450-230-5644 Poultry 
Martinez, Mario J. Clougherty Packing Co. 323-583-4621, ext. 3 Meat 
Martins da Silva, Suellen WQS +55 14-3811-3003 Meat 
Marusak, Rosemary Best Veterinary Solutions 715-690-9112 Poultry 
Mason, Ashley VPGC, LLC 540-810-1446 Poultry 
Matejovsky, Kathy USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 509-545-4106 Meat 
Matthews, Scott Maple Leaf Foods 519-285-3940 Poultry 
Maynor, Terry Ozark Mountain Poultry 479-282-5292 Poultry 
Mcalister , Jason Triumph Foods 816-646-4005 Meat, Swine 
McCarron, Paige Egg Farmers of Canada 902-890-5490 Poultry 
McComb, Brian Elanco 320-979-6410 Poultry 
McDonald, Ann Smithfield Foods 5159860637 Meat, Swine 
McElwain, Colleen Canadian Animal Health Institute 519-763-7777 Poultry 
McEndaffer, Cheyenne Dixon U.S. Meat Export Federation 303-681-7808 Meat 
McEvers, Trent West Texas A&M University 806-651-2658 Meat 
McFall, Will Burnbrae Farms 613-340-3419 Poultry 
McIntyre, Donald Diamond V Mills 843-337-4748 Poultry 
McKee, Lucy Cargill Value Added Meats 519-453-4996 ext 405 Poultry 
McLachlan, Cheryl Cheryl McLachlan Enterprises 519-644-1274 Meat 
McLeskey, Michele McLeskey Consulting, Inc. 731-334-1665 Meat, Poultry 
McMahan, Alyssa FSNS Certification & Audit 361-543-6185 Meat, Poultry 
McRee, William A. (Andy) Zoetis 919-720-0837 Poultry 
McTavish, Kelly Inghams Enterprises (116141) 355-2621 Poultry 
Meisinger, David Praedium 515-362-7555 Meat 
Mello, Amilton University of Nevada, Reno 775-784-6648 Meat 
Meyer, Josh Hormel Foods 402-753-3274 Meat 
Mikel, Shelly Applegate 320-209-9189 Poultry 
Mikolajczyk, Stacy FSNS C&A 210-384-5467 Meat, Poultry 
Milhous, Tom Peco Foods of Mississippi 334-672-1227 Poultry 
Miller, Karen Applegate LLC 540-578-3703 Meat 
Milligan, Tabatha Perdue Foods LLC 410-543-3513 Poultry 
Millman, Suzanne Iowa State University 515-294-2817 Swine 
Minchin, Murray Egg Farmers of Alberta 403-830-3447 Poultry 
Minton, Dean WDM Services LLC 302-245-8101 Poultry 
Mireles, Jeremy Caviness Beef Packers 806-357-2462 Meat 
Mitich, Jovana NSF Canada Agriculture 519-362-0753 Poultry 
Moeller, Steven J. The Ohio State University 614-565-6344 Swine 
Molina, Cristina Consultant 7866315303 Poultry 
Montoya, Andres Merck Animal Health 678-628-3299 Poultry 
Moody, Brad Koch Foods 423-883-7797 Poultry 
Morrigan, Jane Integrity Livestock Services 902-351-2714 Meat 
Morrison, Greg Turkey Farmers of Ontario 519-571-4185 Poultry 
Morrison, Michelle Egg Farmers of Canada 226 220-0660 Poultry 
Morrissey, Christine A. CM Allied Solutions 209-639-6781 Poultry 
Moshier, Mark Arrowsight 256-520-9432 Meat 
Mullins, Caitlyn The Ohio State University 937-307-0330 Poultry 
Myers, Elizabeth D. Virginia Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services 540-209-9140 Poultry 
Myers, Kenneth Cargill Turkeys LLC 540-487-0773 Poultry 
Neeteson, Anne-Marie Aviagen 44-131-333-1056 Poultry 
Nelson, Amber West Liberty Foods 319-627-6376 Poultry 
Neveux, Sophie Canadian Hatching Egg Producers 613-232-3023, ext. 2 Poultry 
Nezworski, Jill Blue House Veterinary & Laboratory 507-430-8161 Poultry 
Nguyen, Lan Maple Leaf Consumer Foods 204-571-2523 Meat 
Nicholas, Doug Nicholas Meat, LLC 570-725-3511 Meat 
Nicholas, Ron USDA, AMS, LPS, QAD 209-522-5253 Poultry 
Niino, Tak Zoetis 919-410-4971 Poultry 
Nodurft, Misti West Liberty Foods 319-385-5925 Poultry 
Nolde, Ron Mountain States 970-576-3600 ext 140 Meat 
Norman, Maurice Draper Valley Farms 360-982-0355 Poultry 
Nutter, Simon Cargill Value Added Meats -Canada 519-453-4996, ext. 4 Poultry 
Opengart, Ken Keystone Foods 256-520-5211 Poultry 
Ortega, Maria Fernanda Cargill Honduras 0504-2617-5243 Poultry 
Ouzts, Christian Poultry Processing Solutions LLC 803-317-7511 Poultry 
Oxtoby, Kristina Egg Farmers of Canada 7804857303 Poultry 
Painter, Tom AASV/Cargill 316-213-8632 Swine 
Pairis-Garcia, Monique The Ohio State University 614-688-1968 Swine 
Parker, Jeff Egg Farmers of Ontario 905-502-7574 Poultry 
Parker, Molly Butterball, LLC 919-802-6759 Poultry 
Parker, Ronnie Circle S Ranch 704-764-7414, ext. 1 Poultry 
Parker, Tim W. Perdue Farms, Inc. 252-348-4312 Poultry 
Pavlovic, Dragoslav Merieux NutriSciences 708-704-3516 Meat, Poultry 
Perigen, Mark USDA,AMS LPS QAD5 209-522-5251 Poultry 
Perreault, Denis Egg Farmers of Canada 418-456-2438 Poultry 
Perreault, Lee Prairie Abattoir 2048577120 Meat 
Peterson, Ashley National Chicken Council 202-796-2622 Poultry 
Pettis, Adrian Keystone Foods 229-430-1506 Poultry 
Pfalzgraf, Kellye Consultant 479-200-4576 Meat, Poultry 
Pfeiffer, Christine Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-360-3022 Poultry 
Phagan, Larry North Forty Consulting LLC 318-348-0962 Poultry 
Philippe, Cynthia Hendrix Genetics 519-748-7840 Poultry 
Pike, Mike Tyson Foods, Inc. 336-467-1081 Poultry 
Pohlman, Scott Cargill 806-295-8287 Meat 
Point, Megan Forsman Farms, Inc. 320-286-5905 Poultry 
Poley, Jerry (Gerald) Technical & Nutrition Services, Inc. 410-997-3182 Poultry 
Potter, J. Erik Murphy Brown 515-460-5609 Swine 
Potter, Yvonne Egg Farmers of Canada 306 216-5997 Poultry 
Powell, Kenneth Aviagen, Inc. 479-238-3837 Poultry 
Prestridge, Brandon Wayne Farms LLC 256-572-0777 Poultry 
Price, Ben Prestage Farms of South Carolina 803-420-1695 Poultry 
Price, Paul T. Diamond V 817-821-2256 Poultry 
Puffenbarger, Christy Aviagen Turkeys 304-667-0784 Poultry 
Purvis, Nelson Nelson Purvis Food Safety Consultant (Butterball) 919-818-5007 Poultry 
Pyle, David A. David Pyle, DVM, LLC 616-748-7454 Poultry 
Quintana, Roman Seaboard Foods 580--338-9751 Meat 
Rademacher, Chris Iowa State University 515-294-8792 Swine 
Rahman, Inayatur OMAFRA 519-873-4090 Meat 
Ramsey, Barbara Keystone Foods Equity Group -- Kentucky Div. LLC 606-387-2367 Poultry 
Randall-Jones, Ashley Tyson Foods, Inc. 804-382-4777 Poultry 
Raspaldo, Jennifer OSI Industries 630-692-2393 Meat, Poultry 
Rathje, Nancy Albertsons Companies 303-843-7644 Meat, Poultry 
Rayne, Richard W. Validus 936-554-0166 Poultry 
Rea, Heather Merieux NutriSciences 312-273-7191 Meat, Poultry 
Reese, Chris Perdue Foods 443-493-3583 Poultry 
Reilley, Alexandra Maria Merck Animal Health 706-247-6138 Poultry 
Rhubart, Joyce Butterball, LLC 417-358-0307 Poultry 
Riley, Tom Validus 816-455-8310 Poultry 
Risher, Richard Koch Foods 601-728-1415 Poultry 
Ritchat, Amber Cargill Value Added Protein 519-587-2289, ext. 2 Poultry 
Ritter, Don Mountaire Farms, Inc. 302-934-4091 Poultry 
Rivera, Rafael E. U.S. Poultry & Egg Assn. 678-514-1978 Poultry 
Rives, David V. Zoetis 910-385-6227 Poultry 
Robbins, Kabel Butterball, LLC 479-209-6183 Poultry 
Robinson, Ben Aus-Meat Limited 0409-590-834 Meat 
Robinson, Christina Egg Farmers of Alberta 403-250-1197 x125 Poultry 
Robinson, Evelyn Maple Leaf Foods 519-285-3940, ext. 4 Poultry 
Rocca, Domenic Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd 04-088-60212 Poultry 
Roehrig, Colleen Conestoga Meat Packers 519-648-2506 Meat 
Rogers, Allison National Chicken Council 202-296-2622 Poultry 
Rogers, Art JBS USA LLC 970-506-8258 Meat 
Romines, Wayne Swaggerty Sausage Company 865-933-2625 Meat 
Romulo, Ben CTI Foods 626-633-1609, ext. 1 Meat, Poultry 
Rosca, Lucica OMAFRA 519-820-4543 Meat 
Rosenbaum, Ken Kentucky Fried Chicken 479-659-1268 Poultry 
Ross, Steve USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 970-346-0567 Meat 
Roux, David Olymel Group 450-797-2691, ext. 6 Poultry 
Ruiz, Amanda Caviness Beef Packers 806-357-2462 Meat 
Rust, Burke JBS 435-245-2253 Meat 
Sadler, Michelle Perdue Farms Inc 410-202-9731 Poultry 
Salas, Bernard Maple Lodge Farms 905-455-8340 ext 236 Poultry 
Sallas, Nicholas J. Trillium Farms 740-893-7200, ext. 4 Poultry 
Sanchez, Victor Rantoul Foods 217-322-8057 Meat 
Sanchez Trinidad, Jose Manuel NSF de Mexico 52-1-442-242-4830 Meat 
Sanders, Michael FSNS Certification & Audit 210-744-3079 Meat, Poultry 
Sanz-Sole, Eva NSF International (AG Division) 519-716-66558 Poultry 
Sapp, Brian White Oak Pastures, Inc. 229-641-2081 Meat 
Sarratt, Ronnie USDA/FSIS 214-773-5493 Meat 
Sayer, steve S&R Consulting LLC 949-463-6582 Poultry 
Sayre, Nathanael Hy-Line International 5152693591 Poultry 
Schaal, Travis Hy-Line International 515-564-9793 Poultry 
Schad, Mark Mark Schad Online 305-509-3382 Meat 
Schafer, Alan Maple Leaf Foods 519-498-5537 Poultry 
Schantz, Silke Exceldor Cooperative 450-888-1037 Poultry 
Schar, Karen Gerber Poultry 330-857-2731 Poultry 
Scherkus, Brigitte Cargill Meats Canada 519-281-8713 Poultry 
Scherzinger, Barbara Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) 613-773-6103 Meat 
Schiedel, Michael Schiedel View Farms 519-590-1063 Poultry 
Schipp, Chris Farbest Farms 812-639-6918 Poultry 
Schlegel, Benjamin Poultry Health Services 403-948 8577 Poultry 
Schneeberger, Klaus OBHECC 519-837-0005 Poultry 
Schoop, Jamie USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 202-302-6373 Meat, Poultry 
Schultz, Matt Hormel Foods Corporation 507-437-5371 Meat 
Schwartz, Pam Hybrid Turkeys 519-578-2740 Poultry 
Schwindt, Miles Maple Leaf Foods 519-240-0573 Poultry 
Scott, Rachel OK Foods 479-494-6227 Poultry 
Scott, Sharron FSNS Certification & Audit 210-284-6487 Poultry 
Scroggs, Casey Fieldale Farms Corp. 706-778-5100 Poultry 
Seguin, Monica Candian Council on Animal Care 613-238-4031 ext 236 Meat 
Sengupta, Subhash Chandra Koch Foods of Alabama, LLC 334-398-0315 Poultry 
Shafer, Teresa Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. 540-901-6070 Poultry 
Shapiro, David Perdue Foods, LLC 410-543-3921 Poultry 
Sharp, John Aviagen Turkeys 707-529-1022 Poultry 
Sharpton, Rick Perdue Farms, Inc. 252-435-7282 Poultry 
Shelley, Amanda Simmons Foods 479-530-9792 Poultry 
Shepard, Stephen Miller Poultry 574-202-4904 Meat, Poultry 
Sherman, Greg L. GSC Northwest HACCP Consultants LLC 360-298-0089 Meat, Poultry 
Shifflette, Susan OSI Group 630-692-2300 Meat 
Shores, Katrina Simmons Foods 479-841-2357 Poultry 
Siemens, Mike Arrowsight Global Agribusiness 316-737-9318 Meat 
Sikur, Victoria CHEP 613-232-3023 Poultry 
Simpkins, Dale Longeneckers Hatchery 717-945-4909 Poultry 
Simpkins, Kane Koch Foods 256-770-5095 Poultry 
SKINNER, STEVE (RICK) USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 605-310-3420 Meat 
Slaugh, Bart Eggland’s Best LLC 610-265-6500 Poultry 
Slaymaker, Michelle Walts Wholesale Meats Inc. 360-225-8203 Meat 
Smalley, John EW-Nutrition 870-654-4556 Poultry 
Smallwood, Christy OK Foods 479-926-0610 Poultry 
Smith, Jamie 970-451-1278 Meat 
Smith, John A. Fieldale Farms Corp. 706-499-3227 Poultry 
Smith, LaPorche Cobb Vantress Inc 704-294-4659 Poultry 
Smith, LeAnn West Liberty Foods 319-627-6168 Poultry 
Smith, Maggie Viand Group 931-607-4176 Meat, Poultry 
Smith, Robert Lone Star Beef Processors L.P. 325-658-5555 Meat 
Smith, Sasha Perdue Foods 478-972-6699 Poultry 
Sommers, Richard Maple Leaf Farms 574-527-7183 Poultry 
Sorensen, Soren Maple Leaf Foods-Lethbridge Pork 403-634-2808 Meat 
Sotomayor, Alfredo Hormel Foods (520) 437-9330 Meat 
Spangler, Haley FACTA LLC 815-351-6895 Meat, Poultry 
Sparks, Terry George’s Inc 479-927-7498 Poultry 
Spence, Ben Aviagen 850-218-0944 Poultry 
Spivey, William Jeffrey (Jeff) Fieldale Farms 706-499-3219 Poultry 
Spurgin, Mike National Beef Packing LLC 620-339-5996 Meat 
Staley, Adam Clear Fork Valley 419-947-3400 Poultry 
Starkey, Benjamin Wayne Farms LLC 256-894-3649 Poultry 
Starrett, J. Matt Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. 574-453-4500 Poultry 
Stasulli, Nela Joe Jurgielewicz & Son, Ltd. 610-562-3825,ext.343 Poultry 
Stell, Curtis Peco Foods, Inc. 601-670-9328 Poultry 
Stewart-Brown, Bruce Perdue Foods, LLC 410-543-3309 Poultry 
Stonebraker, Joseph USDA, AMS 704-685-3621 Poultry 
Stout, Angela Quality Pork Producers, Inc. 507-434-6318 Meat 
Strauss, Brett USDA, AMS, LPS, QAD 209-232-0665 Poultry 
Streff, Brock Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-214-2893 Poultry 
Striplin, Katrina OK Farms 479-494-6250 Poultry 
Summerlot, Michael Farbest Farms, Inc. 812-481-1034 Poultry 
Sunder, Rick Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-231-2306 Poultry 
Sutton, Wayne Smithfield 309-536-1419 Meat 
Sweeter, Kurtis Smithfield 605-330-3152 Meat 
Swysgood, David Aviagen 479-238-5002 Poultry 
Syester, Amy Allen Harim Farms, LLC 302-629-9163,ext.111 Poultry 
Tabler, Tom Mississippi State Univ. Extension Svc. 662-769-9858 Poultry 
Tank, Amanda Validus Verification Services 507-421-4464 Meat 
Taylor, Paul Peco Foods Inc 870-805-0413 Poultry 
Taylor, Sherry OMAFRA 519-569-1698 Meat 
Tedford, Justin JBS 970-304-7214 Meat 
Teer, Chad George’s Inc 417-442-0283 Poultry 
Terry, Isaac Norbest-LLC 435-313-6111 Poultry 
Thaxton, Yvonne University of Arkansas Poultry Science Dept. 662-312-6335 Poultry 
Theivendram, Vignes Hybrid Turkeys 519-578-2740 Poultry 
Thielo de la Vega, Leonardo FANDS Consulting 55-14-3811-3003 Poultry 
Thomas, Gina Amick Farms LLC 410-443-3434 Poultry 
Thomas, Michelle L. Applegate Natural & Organic Meats 479-806-5039 Poultry 
Thomson, Sarah Hybrid Turkeys 519-578-2740 Poultry 
Thornton, Danny L. Process Management Consulting 601-728-1075 Poultry 
Thrash, Robert W. (Bob) Process Management Consulting 615-972-2652 Poultry 
Tilley, Becky Butterball LLC 919-778-3130, ext.15 Poultry 
Toaff-Rosenstein, Rachel SER 610-348-5585 Meat 
Toliver, Tim Hormel Foods/Farmer John 507-434-6012 Meat 
Trotter, Barbara Simmons Foods 479-752-8818 Poultry 
Turgeon, Marie-Josee Olymel 418-953-5425 Meat 
Underwood, Donald Smithfield Foods 910-818-3963 Meat 
Uthe, Daniel J. UQ Strategies LLC 515-822-3797 Meat, Poultry 
Valle, Ricardo B. Aviagen 860-995-5593 Poultry 
Vallejos, Lyndsey Cargill Meat Solutions 620-338-4448 Meat 
Van Sambeek, Francene Elanco 256-338-0432 Poultry 
Vanier, Elaine NSF International 757-319-2820 Meat, Poultry 
Vann, Tina Simmons Foods 417-765-3271,ext.620 Poultry 
Vaughn, Brian Jennie-O Turkey Store 715-537-3131 Poultry 
Vazquez, Amanda Ozark Mountain Poultry 870-805-1035 Poultry 
Vermeulen, Louise Olymel SEC 450-261-6490 Poultry 
Villanoy, Joseph Maple Leaf Foods 416-321-8121 Poultry 
Vink DeWeerd, Rachel Archer's Poultry Farm 6134750820 Poultry 
Vinson, Lacey FSNS 210-477-3625 Meat 
Vogel, Kurt Vogel Livestock Solutions/U of W - River Falls 608-732-1097 Meat 
Voogd, Erika Voogd Consulting, Inc. 630-561-1958 Meat, Poultry 
Vyse, Jeff Maple Leaf Foods - Cold Springs Farm 519-285-3940 Poultry 
Wagner, Corey Premium Iowa Pork, LLC 712-752-8666 Meat 
Wagner, Crystal Tyson Foods, Inc. 605-235-2940 Meat 
Wagner, Shawna Det Norske Veritas (DNV) 920-205-1458 Meat 
Walker, Alicia Sanderson Farms 601-426-1472 Poultry 
Walker, Robert Aviagen Turkeys 810-956-2219 Poultry 
Warder, Peter OMAFRA/VIAU 705-220-4338 Meat 
Washburn, Karen Butterball, LLC 417-793-6444 Poultry 
Weathers, Katherine (Kate) Barger Cobb-Vantress, Inc. 704-213-3792 Poultry 
Webb, Sherrie National Pork Board 515-223-3533 Swine 
Weiss, Rick Maple Leaf Foods 780-312-6131 Poultry 
Weisz, Alexandru Smith & Weisz Poultry Veterinary Services 519-829-1656 Poultry 
Welin, Kelly USDA/FSIS 630-620-0735 Meat 
Wells, Sarah Wendy’s 608-931-4499 Meat, Poultry 
West, Kirk Aviagen 910-322-3677 Poultry 
Whipple, Sarah Cargill 479-790-8136 Poultry 
White, Marc R. George’s Family Farms, LLC 540-437-9626 Poultry 
Whittier, Chandler JBS Swift 435-245-6456 Meat 
Williams, Mike NCSU - Prestage Dept. Poultry Science 919-818-3054 Poultry 
Wilson, Daniel Wilson Veterinary Company 812-525-7060 Poultry 
Wilson, Darrell B. USDA, AMS, Quality Assessment Division 574-735-3057 Meat, Poultry 
Wilson, Don MAFRD 204-573-9248 Meat 
Wilson, Michael Cargill 519-823-5200ext422 Meat 
Wilton, Sandy Butterball LLC 479-737-1060 Poultry 
Wineland, Michael J. Hatchery Consult LLC 919-604-6625 Poultry 
Wingert, Keith Cargill Turkey Production, LLC 254-749-5222 Poultry 
Woiwode, Ruth Food Safety Net Services 970-690-9337 Meat 
Wojcinski, Helen Hybrid Turkeys 7347305565 Poultry 
Wojewoda, Bobbi Hyline International 515-249-0073 Poultry 
Wolfe, Dale Cargill Meat Solutions 402-352-5411 Meat 
Wolfenden, Nick Tyson 479-305-4475 Poultry 
Wollet, Pat (Patrick William) Bob Evans Foods, Inc. 517-403-5723 Meat 
Woods, Jennifer J. Woods Livestock Services 403-684-3008 Meat, Poultry 
Wooming, Brian Cargill Turkey 479-756-4820 Poultry 
Wooton, Casey Lynn Triumph Foods 816-396-2792 Meat 
Worley-Davis, Lynn NCSU - Prestage 919-515-6852 Poultry 
Wright, Lora Tyson Foods, Inc. 605-235-3734 Meat, Poultry 
Yake, Mallory Smithfield Foods Hog Production Division 910-290-1250 Swine 
Yanamala, Sundeep JBS 308-395-9236 Meat 
Yancy, Alling (Al) Global AgriFoods Consulting, LLC 770-330-1300 Poultry 
Yates, Rick Butterball 479-667-8540 Poultry 
Yoder, Deana M. Applegate 215-512-3284 Poultry 
Young, L. Irving Butterball, LLC 479-263-3614 Poultry 
Zarei, Michelle L. Watkins Pilgrim’s 706-498-3714 Poultry 
Zedek, Andrea Sinclair Zedek Poultry Consulting, LLC 864-553-6872 Poultry 
Zerby, Henry N. The Ohio State University 614-252-1242 Meat, Poultry 
Zitzmann, Randy Jennie-O Turkey Store 320-231-7262 Poultry 
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