Upcoming Events

Sept. 24-25, 2014 South American Broiler Slaughter Welfare Auditor Training
Itapiranga, SC Brazil
For more information or to register, contact anapaula@wqs.com.br

October 14-15, 2014 Meat Plant Welfare Auditor Training
Denison, Iowa
Registration now open -- deadline September 19

October 16-17, 2014 AMI Animal Handling Conference,
Kansas City, Missouri



Professional Animal auditor certification organization

Our mission is to promote the humane treatment of animals through education and certification of animal auditors, as well as the review and/or certification of animal audit instruments, assessments and programs. Animal welfare issues affect multiple segments of our animal and food industry. We must rely on allied groups to support the comprehensive animal care areas we serve. Animal care is widely recognized to have an impact on the following areas:

  • food retailing
  • food service industry
  • government food purchases
  • meat/poultry manufacturers and processors
  • meat/poultry packers
  • recreational interests associated with animals
  • meat animal marketing
  • animal production facilities/farms
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • equipment manufacturers
  • animal laboratories

Here at PAACO, we provide uniform minimum standards for auditors in education and experience, training, continuing education and applicable code of conduct to maintain certification.

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